Nisyros Dodecanese all tourist business is here, Food & Nightlife. Hotels, Rent a Cars, Rent a Yachts. Rooms to Let, Tours & Cruises, Transfers. Villas for Rent. Nisyros covering a total area of 41,6km² with a coastline of 28 km, is situated at the Aegean Sea. In the center of the Dodecanese archipelago, between Kos, Tilos, and Turkey. According to mythology, during the period of the Gigantomachy (war of the Giants), Poseidon (the god of the sea) plucked a rock from Kos and in anger threw it at the giant Polivotis with the intention of killing him. This rock, which crushed the giant, became Nisyros, and the half-dead giant shakes the earth every now and then with his groans, thus awakening the volcano.

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