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Central Cafe is located in the new District of Mykonos, within a 5 minutes distance from Chora (in the region of Argyraina).

Central Cafe is an all day long cafe bar that was established in June of 2013 by a couple, Manolis Kousathanassis and Spyridoula Simonetatoy, who are born and raised on the island and absolutely adore it.

The reason I mention the owners from the beginning is following: Passing outside Central Cafe the dedication and enthusiasm that this space oozes cannot be even suspected. One might think that it is just another cafe bar outside of Chora to grab “something on the go” and leave. These are the thoughts until you get into its premises, which is simple and elegant, industrial, gaining popularity with its romantic terrace. Its uniqueness, however, lies in the fact that it is a stone’s throw away from Chora, in a nice environment where you are treated like family. You can enjoy your coffee or any other drink you’d like or cool off with cocktails or drinks.

However, this year’s surprise answers to the name Cycladic breakfast. In fact, in Central Cafe you will find the most complete proposal for Cycladic breakfast in Mykonos, and certainly, the most authentic one.

Our favourite chef Yiannis Gavalas is in charge of the menu (served from 7.00 until 15.00) who undoubtedly has created a menu worthy of congratulation.

That’s because his proposal offers the obvious: simplicity, quality and flavour.

  • Traditional recipes
  • Traditional products and creativity are combined in an exceptional way
  • Olive Oil Wheat Rusks From Kythera
  • Yogurt With Garlic And fried Egg,
  • Fourtalia From Andros (frittata) With Potatoes
  • Zucchini
  • Mykonian sausage
  • Niotiko kefalotiri Cheese
  • Pie with Greens With Mykonian Wild Fennel Mykonos
  • Handmade Pastry
  • Ooptions for vegetarians

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